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THE SMART HERB GARDEN-White(Click &Grow 智能盆裁 白色)(歐洲制造)

THE SMART HERB GARDEN-White(Click &Grow 智能盆裁 白色)(歐洲制造)


*此產品包含有種子匣(Basil RefillsX3)


關於Click and Grow
Click and Grow是個非常簡單使用的電子智慧型盆栽,它讓植物在無需您每日澆水與施肥的悉心照料下自然生長。您不必備有任何關於園藝的知識,因為所有的一切都將由智慧的科技來代替您照顧。Click and Grow的智慧科技已經依照特定植物的每日所需,配合生長環境的空氣參數,精準的給予適當水及養分的劑量。透過Click and Grow跨時代科技,希望大家可以用最簡單的種植方式來布置家裡的每一個角落。有了這電子植物,人人就像熟練的園丁!


The Smart Herb Garden enables you to grow fresh herbs, fruits and flowers with zero effort. Plug it in, fill the tank, and your garden will take care of the rest.


Our specially developed Smart Soil and built-in sensors make sure plants get the optimal configuration of water, oxygen, and nutrients so your plants thrive with zero effort.

This innovative technology will help your plants grow faster and more nutritious. No pesticides, plant hormones, or any other harmful substances. 

Comes with 3 complementary basil refills!

Option 1: 白色
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